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A volunteer’s letter for Christmas Stockings

The following letter was written by Mistie Roberts in support of the Centre’s Christmas stocking drive that she and her family has done for over 20 years:

Dear Friends and Good-Hearted People!

My family and I have been working with the New Life Neighbourhood Center in Oshawa (a not-for-profit community service that operates a food bank and also provides Christmas hampers, etc. to needy families) for well over 20 years now with the Christmas program.

The part of the Christmas program we assist with, is purchasing items that we put into stockings for local children (newborn up to 21 years old). Most of the stockings go to children who have an illness and their families are struggling. Giving these children, a Christmas is an amazing feeling. For some, it is their last Christmas, for others it is the only present/stocking from Santa they will get this year.

We are looking for anything you would put in a stocking for a child. You probably have items in your home that never expire, and you are not using in your linen closet, nursery or bathroom cabinets collecting dust. Or small toys and books in your child’s room that have never been played with. UNUSED ITEMS ONLY PLEASE, e.g.:

  • books, small toys, stuffies, decks of cards, small board games, crayons, pencils, paper, crafts, colouring books, McDonalds toys
  • hats, mitts, socks, scarves, baby towels, sleepers, receiving blankets, rattles
  • perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, aftershave, toiletries
  • packs of batteries, cards, poker chips

I am asking you to take a look and see what’s in your home that is not needed and would be great for a stocking. If you could help out that would be AMAZING!! The most important thing I am asking is that you pass this letter on to other friends and family. Every new contact we get and every item we receive is dear to us and the children we help out.


If you are interested, please call or text me: Mistie Roberts – 905-922-0595. I can do porch pick-ups or whatever works for you!!

You can also help by donating funds to purchase items for the stockings. Make your cheque payable to the New Life Neighbourhood Centre and you will receive an Income Tax Receipt. Indicate “Stockings” in the memo area of your cheque. Or donate online.

Any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your generosity. You will have the joy that comes from knowing you have helped to make a difference in the life of a child in need this Christmas.

Help us Help our Neighbours

Hunger is an ongoing challenge for many in Canada. According to Food Banks Canada’s Hunger Count report for 2014, over 840,000 Canadians turn to food banks every month. More than 36% of those were children. Oshawa is no exception and in many ways the numbers are greater compared to other communities across the country.

In 2014 the New Life Neighbourhood Centre continued its efforts to help the less fortunate in Oshawa and surrounding communities by providing services to as many clients as it could. For a small food bank it:

  • served 2236 pancake and continental breakfasts
  • distributed over 1200 personal hygiene packages
  • distributed 60 care packages to homeless individuals during the winter
  • distributed groceries to 366 households (1347 adults and 534 children)
  • served over  500 meals at our annual BBQ
  • served  over 350 meals at our Christmas Dinner
  • distributed over 300 toys and Christmas stockings

The people helped included families with children, employed people whose wages are not sufficient to cover basic living essentials, individuals on social assistance, and Canadians living on a fixed income including people with disabilities, and seniors. Thanks to all our volunteers, donors and supporters for helping us to make a difference for many who would otherwise go hungry.

The New Life Neighbourhood Centre is operated completely by volunteers and relies on the goodwill of donors and supporters for its operation. In order to continue providing the services we offer we conduct various food drives and food bank fundraising events.

You can help us help our less fortunate neighbours by:

  • donating money to purchase supplies for the food bank,
  • participating in our food drives,
  • sponsoring a family,
  • attending and supporting our fundraising events, or
  • volunteering your time at the Centre or at our events.



All of our staff are unpaid volunteers. Our volunteers come from the congregation of the New Life Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as other faith communities, and concerned people in the Durham area. They all have in common a desire to help the less fortunate people in the area.

Please contact us if you would like to become a volunteer.